CAM Self Portrait at work


CAM’s inspiration for art started when she was 5 years old. Her parents took the family to The Hudson Bay store in Montreal for Christmas shopping. An Inuit artist was sculpting an amazing soap stone piece. She was mesmerized by his skills.

The family made its way to the toys section of the store but CAM was more interested in watching the artist who was sculpting. She wandered off, back to where he was, leaving her parents to look for her for an hour or so.

The next memory CAM has is when she was in boarding school in 1969. She had an amazing inspirational art teacher, Sister Cécile De Rome, who is the person CAM thanks everyday for believing in her.

Throughout CAM’s life, she has given the gift of art in different styles and mediums. From mosaïc, watercolor, pencil & charcoal drawing, spray painting, photography, profile writing and acrylic painting, CAM can not see anywhere in her life where art does not impact people.

In 2005 CAM launched her career as a serious artist creating pieces that drew people’s attention. Her purpose to paint is to carry the deepening message of transformation, inner balance, peace, inspiration, creativity and self-expression.

2010 was a revolutionary period for CAM’s art and purpose in life. She found herself living in Luoyang, China where she acquired much wisdom and began to use connective energy within her art.

Now her passion for art connects people around the world and makes a difference in beautifying their lives with amazing expressions of art.

CAM is grateful to the universe for guiding her to contribute to people in such a magnificent way.

Camf at Event